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010Digital in Europe and Asia

010Digital in Europe and Asia – As an internationally active service provider we are pleased to offer you two locations for contacting us at your convenience. 

    Why 010Digital has choosen Hong Kong as it’s Hub in Asia

    First of all, with all of Asia’s key markets less than four hours’ away, it is easy to see why over 8,000 businesses and companies have made Hong Kong their home. Many have placed their strategic functions, including sales and operations and research and development (R&D), as well as distribution, regional headquarters and corporate treasury centres in the city. Furthermore, over 100 airlines offer easy and efficient travel to 190 locations from Hong Kong whilst half of the world’s population can be reached within five hours by plane.

    Hong Kong has long been the region’s leading financial hub. As a result it offers a highly transparent and robust regulatory regime for financial services industries such as banking, securities and futures, insurance and retirement schemes. Consequently, these industries adhere to the best global practices and standards, giving confidence to everyone looking to do business in Hong Kong.


    Why 010Digital has choosen Switzerland

    First of all, Switzerland is surrounded by Europe’s major economies: Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. It’s right in the heart of Europe’s most densely populated
    area. According to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness
    Report 2014 – 2015, Switzerland is in the top five for infrastructure; its
    highways, roads, and public transportation are among the best in the world.
    That same WEF report also ranks Switzerland as the most competitive country in
    the world. But Switzerland goes beyond location — there’s also its access to
    a well-trained workforce. Almost half of all employees in Switzerland work
    in areas requiring highly skilled workers, and the country ranks among the best
    in the world for the availability of highly qualified talent. The workforce is
    skilled because the academic education there is supplemented by direct,
    practical apprenticeships.