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Digital Branding, Mentoring, Transformation by 010Digital

Digital Branding Mentoring Transformation. With a self developed approach we support corporate costumers and individuals in optimizing their digital focus. We believe that as a result of digitization, life should become perceptibly easier for us. Above all, we do observe that in most cases the exact opposite is reality. 

Our Digital added Value

With a structured and goal oriented approach 010Digital provides comprehensive analyses and transforming advice. Hence, our approach is always adapted to the specific needs of our customer. Consequently, 010Digital assumes responsibility in day-to-day business. Taking over responsibility for results in the implementation phase distinguishes us from traditional consulting services.

What we do - Digital Branding Mentoring Transformation

010Digital is specialized and focused in the fields of Personal Digital Branding, Digital Mentoring and Digital Transformation. Due to the 4th industrial revolution („digitization“), 010Digital accompanies both institutions and private individuals in the alignment of their individual goals. Consequently, this includes the evaluation, adaptation and optimization of specific digital working tools. 010Digital screens and optimizes the implementation of digital technologies. As a result, 010Digital supports in reorientation, reorganizing and disrupting of conventional and probably long-standing processes.

010Digital is a certified partner of INSIGHTS MDI®. This tool is an integrated part of 010Digital’s daily work. INSIGHTS MDI® is a holistic diagnostic tool for talent recognition and potential development. It measures behavior, motives and the emotional intelligence of a person.

Certificates INSIGHTS MDI Master and Partner
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4584371/Extract: American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2015 Aug 25; 79(6): 79.

Personal Digital Branding as a Professional Asset in the Digital Age

„Approximately 74% of adults who use the Internet use social media sites. [This leaves] more than a quarter who have not yet established a social media presence. […] a significant percentage of students either don’t use social media or consider deleting their online presence. [This] as a result of potential negative consequences. While nonusers protect themselves from those potential negative consequences, they may also want to consider the potential risks of being virtually invisible. Some of these risks include:

– possible negative reactions from residency directors 

– employers

– future colleagues

[They] may speculate about what the person is trying to hide. Students may also forfeit the potential advantages of social media use, such as promoting the profession’s advancement and their professional careers.
A recent[APhA] report suggested that social media was a ubiquitous communication tool, and those who abstain from it relinquish control of their digital identities. Professionals who strategically create a personal digital brand garner control over their digital persona. [They] ultimately can make the message associated with that brand more impactful.


The absence of a digital identity sends a message of its own—one which the professional has no control over.“