GET INTO THE DRIVER SEAT | Personal Digital Branding

Future Career 2021 – Every situation creates opportunities

• (imminent) loss of employment?

• Increased uncertainty regarding your workplace?

• Urge for reorientation?

• Boosting your career?


• Optimize your personal digital presence

• Promote yourself as a “premium product” in your specialist area

• Specify your personality, your knowledge, your experience, your social characteristics and advertise them as an outstanding brand

Your personal brand isn’t just about your traditional résumé. Additionally, present your social factors (behavioral preferences – “HOW do I do what I do?” AND driving forces – “Why do I do what I do? What drives me to top performance?”)

Don’t just search – BE FOUND

• Convince with your personal brand

• Promote your personal brand

• Position yourself

• Become VISIBLE on the Internet

• Make targeted use of social media – use the digital channels

• Keep the conversation going, show your expertise

• Maintain contacts – expand contacts

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Social Skills

010Digital works with INSIGHTS MDI® as a central component in the development of a personal brand (Personal Digital Branding). Characteristics and statements about a person are put on a well-founded basis.

As you know, hard skills are backed by diplomas, certificates and testimonies. What about the Soft Skills? – Here we can help and develop an individual, solid, comprehensible and showable document.

INSIGHTS MDI® is a holistic diagnostic tool for talent recognition and potential development. It measures a person’s behavior, motives, and emotional intelligence.